Best Way to Treat Wooden Garden Furniture

Best Way to Treat Wooden Garden Furniture

Garden furniture pieces have to withstand the harsh weather and stress caused by other hostile natural elements for a long period. If you keep on using the same garden furniture forever, they turn less attractive and functional. Rusty and worn out outdoor furniture create a negative impact on the overall ambiance as well. If you treat your garden furniture promptly using reliable solutions, you can maintain them in good condition without losing shine and appeal. Regular garden furniture treatment retains the fresh look for a longer. The important question that now arises which is the best way to treat wooden garden furniture.

Create a clear idea about the type of wood before selecting a treatment method

You must have a clear idea about the type of wood before choosing a treatment method for your garden furniture. Proper maintenance and treatment should be decided based on the exact nature of wood. The most common types of woods used to make furniture are hardwood and softwood. As the name suggests, hardwood is harder and it is the most preferred option for making outdoor furniture. These types of wood need minimal maintenance and care in comparison with other types of wood. Oil-based preservatives are commonly used for treating hardwood. Softwood is softer compared to hardwood, and it is inexpensive as well. These wood types are generally treated with a unique furnish finish or varnish. Regular cleaning is needed to maintain them in good condition.

Clean the wooden garden furniture before the treatment in a detailed manner

You have to clean the furniture in the best possible way before starting the treatment process. If you are cleaning the furniture after a long winter, you have to remove all dust, dirt and other impurities that have been built up using a stiff bristle brush.

Use special products to make the treatment highly effective

You have to use the best products available on the market such as Owatrol Textrol HES to make the treatment process highly result oriented. These types of products contain high solid for safeguarding the wood from UV rays. They are also equipped with attractive matt sheen finish that improves the natural appeal of the wood in the best possible way. Top quality products can be applied with tremendous ease, and a single coat guarantees the best results. You don’t have to worry about flake or peel due to the non-film forming feature. Another benefit is that products like Textrol HES are highly useful for both softwood and hardwood.

If you carefully follow these guidelines, you can make the garden wooden furniture treatment fast, effective and long-lasting. When you use high quality, powerful and protective treatment products for your garden wood furniture, you can expect optimal results that last for several years. Top quality wood treatment products are available in a wide range of shades, and the clear matt-sheen oil finish enhances the appearance of the furniture in the most effective way.