10 Artistic and Memorial Outdoor Furniture Ideas

10 Artistic and Memorial Outdoor Furniture Ideas

Out of all the memorial furniture, the memorial benches are the most popular ones. They can be easily accommodated in a garden, public place or even your private space pretty easily. When the right kind of material is chosen they last for a very long time.

Types of Memorial Benches Which you can choose from

  • All Wood Plain Benches

A perfectly designed wooden bench is an ideal memorial bench choice and is preferred by many. It is not too grand and is perfect for those who want the memorial to be more personal.

  • Wood and Metal Benches

These benches are made out of wood and metal and are perfect for the outdoor seating areas in parks, garden, and other public areas. They are pretty sturdy as the metal provides great support to the wooden seating.

  • Customized Benches

If you are ready to spend a little extra, you can opt for the customized memorial benches. You can choose the material, color, size and the entire design of the memorial bench which would perfectly suit your requirements.

  • Granite Benches

These kinds of memorial benches are generally seen in the outdoor areas of churches and other religious places. Granite is a great material choice for benches as they are pretty sturdy and do not wither during bad weather.

  • Concrete Benches

The concrete benches have beautiful designs carved out of them and are a perfect addition for your personal garden. Very intricate carvings can be made on the concrete benches, and they are aesthetically very pleasing.

  • Engraved Stone Benches

You can add a unique touch to the memorial bench by getting is curated out of a naturally available stone and carving a beautiful thought as a dedication to the loved one who passed away.

  • Oak Engraved Benches

By opting for an oak memorial bench, you can add a rustic look to the surroundings where you place the bench. You can add the name of the deceased as an engraving to represent the person to whom it is dedicated.

  • Ornamental Cement Benches

The handles of a wooden bench can be made out of cement which can be designed and cut in an ornamental way to give maximum appeal.

  • Resin Benches

Black resin benches are pretty common in outdoor areas like public parks and gardens. Adding a metal plaque with the name of the deceased and the years they lived their life is an ideal way to add a personal touch.

  • Metal Benches

A metal bench with designs cut out of them to form a unique design is also a pretty popular option these days. You can cut out the design of your choice which can even be the name of the deceased.

Since you would want the representation of your loved one to be very special, a memorial bench makes for a perfect outdoor memorial which you can cherish.