Hardwood Picnic Benches for Sale

Hardwood Picnic Benches for Sale

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Made from either Green oak or Iroko our wooden picnic benches are made to withstand the most demanding of areas all year round, year after year.

Nowadays, wooden seating has been modernized with excellent designs. For various purposes, it is being used indoor and outdoor. Real wooden furniture has welcoming warmth that composite and plastic furnishing lacks in. Well equipped furniture is always considered as the most reliable and comfortable.

Branson Leisure furniture designs the product while keeping the requirement and needs of the customer in mind. Heavy Duty Picnic Benches to be used in countryside parks, street-sides, schools, cafes or for home décor are generally made up of soft and hardwood, timber and steel. Different kinds of chairs, stools, seats, frames, etc. is composed of green oak and iroko.

Innumerous kinds of street furniture and home seating designs offer an unusual choice of material including natural stone, stainless steel, timber, recycled plastic, precious stone, polyurethane, and plastic. Branson Leisure offers picnic benches for sale at an affordable price to the customers.

Promissory deliverables:

  • To meet individual and industry standards, Branson’s products come with a wide range of specifications.
  • To make the perfect use of a product, we ensure longevity and strength.
  • To give an excellent response to our customers we install planters, engravings, fixings and litter bins of any range, shape or size required.

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